Fall 2010
The Adventures of Decimus
By Jeff Landale
Our intrepid adventurer brought along a Playmobil centurion on his journeys from the island of Aegina to the heights of Mt. Olympus. Click here for the epic tale of a tiny man.
Athos Reflections
By Michael Mercado
Άγιον Όρος, better known as Mount Athos or the Holy Mountain to non-Greek speakers is a place filled with spirituality, serenity, and beauty.
Athens and Augustus: Greeks, Romans & a Jewish King
A famous emperor, a famous king and a famous city. What do they all have in common? Prof. Mark Toher explained in his December 1 lecture that Herod, king of the Jews, restored amicable relations...
On Athens and Berlin...
By Robert Abrams
Comparing Europe's most orderly capital (Berlin) with perhaps its messiest (Athens).
When the West Re-Discovered Athens
Athens' modern existence had almost slipped out of the West's memory before two architects journeyed here and revived not only Athens but all of Greek style.
Representing Country and Alma Mater
By Kathy Chu
Every year the Greek Fulbright Foundation hosts a US college fair for students in Athens. This year CYA students helped out.
Marathon: Myth and Reality
Prof. John Karavas delivered a class lecture on "Marathon: Myth and Reality" to mark the 2,500 year anniversary of the battle.
Caving and Culture on Crete
By Robert Abrams
CYA spends a week each fall on the island of Crete, a place rich in its own history and culture. Sometimes it needs a bit of imagination.
Introduction to Greece and the Greek
By Robert Abrams.
A first taste of Greece and the Greeks. Greek hospitality has taken a hit with the economic crisis but all is far from lost.