Cami B
Sweet Tea Deprived, But Never Hungry!
By Cami Beekman

Hey Friends!

I have been in Athens for almost a month now, and my sweet tea addiction is unsatisfied with my mango sun tea option, and oh yes, my mango sun tea option. For all you international travelers, be prepared for a little stress when grocery shopping. The best food in Athens (that won't turn you into a sumo wrestler before your return) can be found at the local veggie market! I frequent the vendor across the street from my apartment daily, as the prices are low and the supermarket can be a little overwhelming if you don't read Greek.

The best food in Greece for obtaining the full on sumo wrestler effect is at the bakery. Possibly the best bakery in Athens just happens to be two blocks from my apartment. Self control will be a part of this learning experience for sure. I pass the bakery everyday on my way to class, and the smell of sweet cream pie (bou-gat-za) and cheese pie (tiro-pita) is enough to nose dive a person into a diabetic coma.

If you are looking for a delicious semi-American breakfast in Athens, check out Mama Roux in Montastiraki on a Sunday for brunch! I had an awesome salmon and cream cheese omelet. I am totally going back! I can't explain the experience without sounding like I have a food addiction, but it is a must!

Of course the food in Athens is an extremely broad entity that can't be covered in one blog post, it must be experienced over long periods of time with one's taste buds! You won't go hungry here!

Lastly, if you are a coffee lover, plan on breaking that habit fast. Greeks seem to think instant coffee is the equivalent to a Starbucks Americano (my favorite, or insert whatever your favorite coffee beverage is). If you need to order iced coffee, ask for Fredo Espresso (glico if you like it sweet), or just espresso if you like it hot. If you enjoy instant coffee, just take the common frappe (EW).

Best Wishes,

College Year in Athens student, Cami Beekman, is an International Relations major at Rollins College. You can follow her upcoming CYA adventures at: