Athens and Augustus: Greeks, Romans & a Jewish King
In the pantheon of classical history few leaders stand as tall as Caesar Augustus, few men are as notorious as Herod, king of the Jews, and few cities are as famous as Athens.

But what did the three have in common?

An awful lot, according to Prof. Mark Toher, a longtime friend and teacher at College Year in Athens. Union College's Frank Bailey professor of classics has found evidence that Athens benefitted from the friendship between the emperor of the Romans and the King of the Jews at a time when the city was still ostracized for its support of the Senate during the Roman Civil Wars.

"Herod was the broker who restored relations between Athens and Augustus in the crucial years 20-19 BC."

Yet history to this point has said little of this event.

How Prof. Toher came to this conclusion is a story within itself, one you can hear if you watch his lecture from December 1 below.

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