Spring 2012
Land of The Free, Home of The Brave
By Monica Kucera (CYA Spring 2012)
Studying abroad provided a greater appreciation for home but also a new openness to the lessons of this world.
Food + Relaxation = Greek Easter
By Samantha Rothberg (CYA Spring 2012)
Easter in Greece is a special time, of relaxation and lots of food, especially when you are the guest of a Greek family!
Reflecting On My Time Abroad: Do's and Don'ts to Follow
By Monica Kucera (CYA Spring 2012)
A 3-month veteran of CYA shares a few things she has learned are Do's and Don'ts of study abroad.
Scenes from a Semester in Athens
By Morgan Williams (CYA Spring 2012)
Snapshots of Athens from a pictorial blog of this wonderful, and too soon gone, semester abroad.
Beirut and the Importance of Remembering
By Mary Shiraef (CYA Spring 2012)
The crimes of the past are not to forgotten, but to be remembered — to ensure they never, ever happen again.
Island Adventure
By MLe McWilliams (CYA Spring 2012)
An educational but fun and leisurely visit to Paros became the favorite study abroad trip, by far!
A Love Affair with Rhodes
By Samantha Rothberg (CYA Spring 2012)
The obsession with Greece became even stronger with a recent trip to Rhodes.
Poet Sandal Maker
By Rachel Cherny (CYA Spring 2012)
Spring Break required the right footwear...
Reporting Live From the Beach!
By Kamille Simmons (CYA Spring 2012)
Spending Spring Break on Mykonos and Santorini, life can't get much better than that...
Relaxing (To My Surprise) & Culture Opening Eyes
By Monica Kucera (CYA Spring 2012)
Greek culture taught me that you don’t need all the money in the world to be happy. It takes a few good friends and a cheap cup of coffee to ignite a smile.
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