Fall 2011
It's Over?
 By Macy Galvan

I finished my finals on Tuesday, and had the rest of the week to explore my city and spend time with the friends I had made in my program/Greek friends. Sakina and I decided to check out what was formerly the Gas Works of Gazi. It was a really neat area, in terms of architecture and use of space. Apparently they use the buildings now to hold conferences for architecture. We went in the later afternoon, around 4, just when the colors in the sky were beginning to change and the sun fade. It was so peaceful just sitting there, recounting all the experiences we had while abroad. I felt extremely fortunate to have met Sakina and be able to create such a wonderful friendship. I'm currently experiencing Sakina Mou withdrawals.

The rest of the week included last minute shopping, a concert wednesday at one of our favorite bars and lovely dinners at some wonderful tavernas. It was nice to end things in a relaxed manner instead of coming directly off stressful finals. Our last nights we said our good-byes to our favorite bar/club owners in the Gaz Gaz. Our favorite bar owner, George, at Soho sent us off well and it was sad to have to leave. I had created such beautiful relationships with the people of the city and country that I felt as though I was really leaving home. 

College Year in Athens student, Macy Galvan, is a Sociology, Gender/Women's Studies major at Bowdoin University.  You can follow her upcoming CYA Adventures at http://greeceinaction.blogspot.com/