Fall 2011
It's Over?
By Macy Galvan (CYA Fall 2011)
Reflections on the final days in Athens, including a visit to the Gas Works of Gazi.
Love Letter
By Dani Schneider (CYA Fall 2011)
A CYA Fall 2011 student's farewell love letter to Greece.
By Molly Hay (CYA Fall 2011)
Reflections on a semester abroad while waiting for the plane back home.
Celebrating with the Greeks: A Christening
By Mary Shiraef (CYA Fall 2011)
Time spent with Greek family on the island of Crete, offered the opportunity to witness a highly important Greek Orthodox ritual, a Vaftisi (a child's baptism).
It's Not Really December, Is It?
By Molly Hay (CYA Fall 2011)
As the semester draws to a close, there is excitement for the trip home, but nostalgia for the incredible journey that is drawing to a close.
Hair cut anyone?
By Macy Galvan (CYA Fall 2011)
You know its a good hair cut when it leads to a photo shoot and two new friends in the end.
Inside the Greek Parliament
By Veronica Jean Seltzer (CYA Fall 2011)
A visit to the Greek Parliament brought a glimpse into King Otto of the past, and an explanation of the modern-day legislature.
Northern Greece Trip
By Amanda Bruening (CYA Fall 2011)
A tale of travel through the natural mosaic of Northern Greece.
Celebrating with the Greeks: My Birthday
By Mary Shiraef (CYA Fall 2011)
Celebrating my birthday in Greece.
People and Opportunities.
Macy Galvan (CYA Fall 2011)
Thanksgiving calls to mind the people and opportunities to be grateful for all-year-round.
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